How To Print a List of files in a Folder in Windows 10.

Print a List of files

I love watching animation films a lot and to store then I have a 3TB hard drive filled with old animation movies. But managing the list of movies which I’ve already seen becomes difficult. I decided to print the titles of these films so I can track the list before watching the next movie.

After searching for sometimes, I get this old Windows Command Prompt trick to print the list of files name of a folder.

You can save the list of files names of any folder with the help of this Windows Command Prompt trick.

Print a List of files of a folder.

Press Windows+R and enter cmd to open the Command Prompt window. In the window, type: cd c:\users\Probin Kumar\documents and press Enter(Probin Kumar is my system name you have to give your own pc name), it will change the directory to the c: drive. Change the letter or the path if your external drive uses a different letter.

List of files in a Folder in Windows

After the first command type: dir> list.txt and press Enter. The second command gathers all the filenames and saves them to a file named list.

dir> list.txt

The >list.txt part tells the command to direct all output to a file called ‘list.txt’ instead of displaying it on the screen. The file is created if it doesn’t exist or overwritten if it does.

After running these commands, open Explorer and double-click list.txt on the C: drive. This should open it in Notepad.

You can print the list of files from Notepad by pressing Ctrl+P if you want a hard copy but, with the file list in Notepad, you could also use the Find command to search for filenames. Press Ctrl+F to find any text, such as the full or partial name of a file, to see if you already have it. 
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