How To Apply Dark Mode to all websites in Edge Browser.


The new Chromium Edge browser is packed with useful new features and some of the edge’s features are tucked away below the bonnet which you can enable through Edge flags settings.

One of the interesting features that you can enable from Edge flags settings in dark mode for web content.

I have already explained how to activate Edge’s dark mode, but this just changes the color of the browser’s interface and doesn’t have any effect on the web pages you visit.

To read the web content in dark mode, type edge://flags in the address bar and search for "dark" in the Search Flags box.

Dark Mode Edge Browser

Click on the drop-down next to ‘Force Dark Mode for Web Contents’, then change this to Enable and Restart your browser when prompted.

Edge Browser Dark Mode

Now your Edge browser is ready to load all web content in dark mode and later if you want you can go through the same settings to disable it. 20 Best Features of Chromium Edge Browser. 

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