Discard Inactive tabs automatically in Google Chrome.

Auto Tab Discard

Auto Tab Discard solves everyone’s biggest moan about Chrome - by automatically ‘killing’ unused tabs, it claws back much-needed memory. This should speed up your browser and save battery life when you’re using a laptop.

Features of Auto Tab Discard.
  • It speeds up the browser and minimizes memory usage.
  • It designates specific tabs to be whitelisted to prevent discarding.
  • You can retain discarded tabs after closing and re-opening your browser.
  • The favicon of a website displays the discarded state.

Click the extension’s toolbar button for a range of quick settings that let you swiftly discard the current tab or any other tab you may have open, in any Chrome window.

Your tabs won’t suddenly disappear- instead, the browser tool puts a discarded tab into a suspended state until you click back into it, at which point it will reload. You can also jump between current tabs, close them using the navigation arrows or order all tabs to remain open during your session.

However, it’s in the add-on’s settings where the ‘auto’ part of its name occurs. Here, you can set a time limit that kicks in when you have a specific number of tabs open. 

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